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  1. Office Suites:, end-to-end encrypted,, all collaborative
  2. LiteWrite notes stored locally on your browser, dropbox or remote storage
  3. EverNote: synced centrally, max 60MB, two devices free
  4. (fr, de, es, pt) share presentations exported as .pptx or MS Office
  5. pdfBear, imgโž›pdf: all pdf tools of desire
  6. online file converter, also up- & downscale images
  7. Unicode char-view/search, view font file: FontSee, view installed fonts: WordMark (only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
  8. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), convert an image into text, download sw๐Ÿ–ซ
  9. OCR + online photo cropping (optical character recognition / image → text)

Imaging, Video & Audio

  1. online file converter, also up- & downscale images
  2. JPEGcompress: compress images simply by drag & drop, +before/after, well optimized
  3. AI image upscaler: enhance image resolution
  4. RapidTables: WebCam, ScreenShot/Recorder, VoiceRecorder
  5. (Linux: youtube-dl), Loom - records you and your screen
  6. online photo cropping + OCR (optical character recognition: see Office)
  7. | remove and replace the background of your photos
  8. AI photo manipulator | change faces, emotions, age, gender, backgrounds
  9. Otter AI (30min free), Fireflies (at pay): capture meetings, write down what is spoken
  10. Murf: speak a written text, registration req. uired, 10min free, download not allowed in free plan


Calculators & Finance

  1., sci. calc.: business, scientific and fraction calculator
  2. onda - currency converter, EURIBOR, LIBOR
  3. iban converter: IBAN/BIC conversion, account & bank number → IBAN
  4. de: inflation, finance calculators
  5. convert temperature, length from meter ⇆ inch, etc.
    RapidTables: Lux/Lumen/Watt/Candela, kWh/J/eV, Ah/C/e

Country & Federal Tables

  1. telephone country codes, country area, population, iso code, language codes, US federal states
  2. world postal codes (ZIP, PLZ, CP, CAP), de: Dasร–rtliche
  3. crossref: Yellow/White Pages๐Ÿ›’๐Ÿ“ž: Business & Phone Listings
  4. abcd: NATO phonetic alphabet, morse codes, Greek Alphabet, Cyrillic Alphabet
  5. FlagPedia, Wikipedia: ccTLD, gTLD what domains stand for, who powers them (cc ~ country code, g ~ generic)

Internet & IP, Web

  1., Linux: various tools, updown: site is down?
  2. online IP Geolocation, alt. site, Linux: geoiplookup
  3. online whois database;, Linux: whois
  4. | quickly view major topics of a website


Web, DNS, Email, Html Tables

  1. html chars: w3c, de+pics, by category, 0-ffff # Unicode char-view/search
  2. HTML Colors, aux: HTML Redirect & more (RapidTables)
  3. w3schools: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, SQL & more (even C#, C++),
  4. test site speed, ssl-site-test, updown
  5. mxtoolbox: check the DNS records of your domain; email: DMARC(DKIM)+SPF+smtp & blacklist test, http[s], whois, ping, soa, arin, etc.,
    iamroot: DNS, SSL & similar tools, mail & webserver test
  6. email provider security supp.: dismail, ssl-tools
  7. cross: Online Tools for the Web, /creat ๐Ÿ–Œ

Programming, Online P.

  1. Online Python, PHP, C[++], C#, Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Java, Rust, Swift, R, Golang # Online Dart
  2. base64 decode/encode, number converter, URL en/decode, JSON/CSS minify/beautify
  3. BigNum calc, Online Hashes (md5, sha256, etc.)
  4. Multiarch Assembly & Disassembly, defuse: x86 & x64
  5. Compiler Explorer (C++, Rust — Fortran), IDA Free, Capstone: software for reverse engineering
  6. SSL-Tools: Certificate Decoder, TLSA record generator, CSR decoder
  7. ASN.1 decoder: SSL programming (certificates etc.)
  8. cross: Software Development, part #1, /dev๐Ÿ’ป


AI-helpers, misc. Artificial Intelligences

  1. - find an AI tool of your desire (free+pay)
  2. | helps you find persuasive headlines & slogans
  3. at pay: content creation/fast reading: generate designs for presentations, shorten English text AI, content auto-generation, 25 langs: you need to proof-read, may be crap

Online Storage

  1. storage: GG Drive, DropBox, remoteStorage, iCloud (Apple), MS OneDrive (login-en)
  2. storage at pay: BackBlaze, AWS S3 (Amazon Web Services), Box
  3. do not sync, mount: CloudMounter
  4. for sftp/sshfs, ftps: Webhoster๐Ÿ–Œ   (use: sshfs host:/dir mnt/ # curlftpfs -o user=xy -o ssl host mnt/ # fusermount -u mnt/),
    other solutions: WebDav:Apache (Win), IPFS, OpenStack

Miscellaneous Tools & Resources

  1. Tea Timer, Password Generator (Linux: do that offline with pwgen)
  2. wikihow (de, fr, es, pt, nl, it, more), programming & more: hardware & system relatedโŒฎ
  3. ManualsLib (6.000.000), (800.000), ManualsCat (300.000), Safe-M. (880.000), M.Base

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