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generic package search

  1. F-Droid, UptoDown, AppImageHub, UD: freely download Android, MacOS, Windows packages, no registration required
  2. free & at-pay software: (many languages)
  3. proprietary, github-oauth registration possible:

popular Free & Open Source Software (with Windows & MacOS availability)


  1. Firefox, Falkon Browser (true OSS), Google Chrome (OpenBSD offers ‘ungoogled Chrome’ enhancing privacy)
  2. FF addons: FlagFox, Forecastfox, FoxClocks, FoxLingo/FF Translations, Grammarly: proprietary Firefox addon for improving your English writing style - has access to all your data, sends out everything you do, works with web apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Litewrite but not with CryptPad (online office).
  3. Thunderbird (OSS-Emailing), Linux/console: mutt, alpine, mail (mail), elinks, w3m, lynx (browser)
  4. OpenVPN: Windows, MacOS, Linux/BSD: packaged with your distro for sure, get .ovpn files VPNs🛰
  5. BitTorrent clients: QBitTorrent, Transmission, Delug, FrostWire (Java based) - this is P2P downloading —peer2peer downloading, used for open source software like Haiku OS but also for sharing copyrighted content where it is no more available at pay or for sharing without pay illegaly → The Pirates-Bay


  1. VLC video, internet TV & radio player & converter, screen video capture, video photos
  2. non-oss media players for Windows: WinAmp (popular), MediaMonkey (also proprietary)
  3. TV-Browser tv program preview/search
  4. MediathekView (de) search tv mediathek of ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, etc.
  5. Audacity: audio software for multi-track recording and editing


  1. Pidgin (many protocols, OMEMO plugin), Gajim (OMEMO plugin), Psi, Miranda (Win only, GPL, many protocols): OSS instant messengers, Jabber/XMPP: register account📨
  2. Quassel Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  3. Jitsi audio/video conferencing, messagingmobile+desktop; SIP, Jabber, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo! (Mac/Win: search it with UptoDown), VoIP: LinPhone
  4. VoIP/SIPuser ~ phone number
    domain ~ sip server
    : Android: sipnetic, MicroSIP (Win), Linux: twinkle; get account: many (,, sipcall(.ch/.at),,,,,
  5. Signal (+secure, .deb & flatpak): instant messengers for mobile & desktop - Telegram (pkg for all distros, server side: non-oss)


  1. LibreOffice word processing, spreadsheet, presentations (Linux, Win, MacOS, OS/2)
  2. Gimp paint & foto editing, Inkscape vector graphics, OpenShot video editor, more on creativity page🖌
  3. OCR: gImageReader is a GUI for Tesseract, proprietary alternative: ABBYY, online OCR: Online Tools🖌 (optical character recognition)
  4. CherryTree note taking app
    font viewers: FontBase, Opcion (Java), Fontmatrix: Win/Tux (+extract/inst. f.), Linux: font-manager, fontpreview
  5. FreeCAD - 3D modeler, Sweet Home 3D


  1. TinyWow: handy little freeware progs (not necessarily oss):
  2. 7-zip file compression utility
  3. Infrarecorder - free CD/DVD burning for Windows
  4. KeePass: free password manager for Windows
  5. proprietary, for Windows: MS PowerToys


  1. Etcher, USBImager: load a bootable CD/DVD image onto USB-stick (freeware)
  2. partitioning: create/delete/resize: GParted, clone partition: Clonezilla
  3. boot OSes directly from the internet, without installation
  4. Unetbootin: create bootable live usb images
  5. SuperGrubDisk - rescue your Linux installation
  6. Plop Boot Manager (de): boot from USB or CD/DVD even when the BIOS does not support it


  1. Oracle: Java SE (Java programming language, Java virtual machine)
  2. Activestate Python, Perl, Tcl: Windows, non-oss (under Linux, BSD and MacOS python is a system component already installed on your computer)
  3. Putty , Kitty: ssh for Windows (secure remote shell)
  4. DWS Remote Control: remote control of your PC with a web browser (many languages)
  5. Win., by Microsoft: PC Manager - system cleanup and antivirus for Windows 10 & 11, proprietary

Open Source Software for Languages & Translation

  1. offline dictionaries: GoldenDict, Freedict & Ding dictionaries:,
  2. related sites: Translate on Linux, Linux for Translators,
  3. grammar: languagetool, portuguese: conjugar, conjugue (Debian packages)
  4. OmegaT (Computer Aided Translation), Aegisub (subtiteling), AntConc (text corpus work), TreeForm (drawing syntax trees)
  5. crossref: Languages: Online Learning, Translation🗪, gnuVocabTrain

Games & more

  1. GCompris educational, playful software for children
  2. Marble 3d globe with OpenStreetMap
  3. FlightGear OSS Game like ExtremeTuxRacer
  4. de: linux-redaktion: Gaming & mehr unter Linux

Virtualization (virtual machines)

one level up: OSS, Linux, BSD, Virtualization, other OSes🐧

cross: Online Tools & Resources🛠

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