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Photos and Graphics

  1.,, (many languages)
  2. Getty Images,, [submit.], lookphotos (de, en, fr)
  3. (English),, (German, English), (German, English, Polish)
  4. de:, [photographer.]ShotShop, (Deutsch)
  5. not only images: stock.adobe (de, at, fr, es, mx, pt, br, it, nl, dk, no, se, pl, cz, ru)
  6. free stock: pixabay (fr, de, es, pt, it, nl, no, da, el, hu, ro, pl, cs, sk, bg, ru, tr, id, vi, ko, ja, zh)
  7. free stock photos: pexels (also videos),, collection of free photos:
  8. Icons8 - icons, illustrations, photos, music and design tools
  9. Vecteezy: free vector art, stock photos & videos
  10. free vector graphics (They don´t pay for the certificate so you may have to acknowledge a browser warning)
  11. Openverse - search engine for free and open creative works
  12. TinEye - reverse image search: who is using my image?
  13. FindSounds - search for sounds, no license information!

Online Tools: Image, Video & more

  1. online file converter, also up- & downscale images
  2. JPEGcompress: compress images simply by drag & drop, +before/after, well optimized
  3. AI image upscaler: enhance image resolution
  4. | remove and replace the background of your photos
  5. crossref: Tools: Imaging, Video & Audio🛠 (also: slide & office sharing)

Software + Docs

  1. Gimp, Gimp Tutorials for photo editing, - professional open source paint & photo editing
    Grokking the GIMP (online book), layer modi(de, fr, es, it) - proprietary alternative: PhotoShop
  2. Inkscape: vector graphics; tutorials: intro: 1, 2, 3, more advanced: 1, 2, 3, tech: 1
  3. DarkTable: OSS alternative to Adobe Lightroom; videos diffuse/sharpen - 1, 2
  4. Digikam: photo management, f.i. also search for 'pix', 'Converseen' etc. at /oss/pop/🖫 AppImageHub and UptoDown
  5. Hugin Panorama Factory: open source - stitch several photos together into one
  6. Blender: open source 3D modelling & animation
  7. OpenShot, Top 7 OSS+Linux Video Editing Software, proprietary & Win-only: Edius
  8. font viewers: FontBase, Opcion (Java), Fontmatrix: Win/Tux (+extract/inst. f.), Linux: font-manager, fontpreview
    font editors: FontForge, BirdFont, Linu/GNU only: TruFont # view fonts online: Online Tools
  9. Audacity: audio software for multi-track recording and editing

Photography Tutorials, Tips & Competitions

  1. Adorama, PetaPixel (news, learn photography), some free tutorials
  2. de: kleine Fotoschule, Marcus Florschütz: Photography Tips
  3. ExpertPhotography Photzy, CameraGurus (bottom: Learn P.),
  4. Joel Grims: Photo Blog, William Patino: 10 tips for landscape photography
  5. Life Framer Photo Award, Trogon Tours


Online Tools for the Web

  1. W3C HTML markup validation service
  2. mobile friendlieness test for web pages: by Google, SEOAura
  3. | helps you find persuasive headlines & slogans
  4. Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools
  5. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: Login / SignUp,, Majestic
  6. Buzzsumo (about) - keyword & topic search, what do people search on my site?
  7. cross: Tools: Web, DNS, Email, Html Tables🛠

Tutorials: Content Creation for the Web

  1. w3schools: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, SQL & more (even C#, C++), Kleber's blog: pt: Wordpress
  2. WebApi, DOM-Ev, Modernizer, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Javascript, Apache, Nginx/Lua, XSLT & XPath, HTTP
  3. ApacheDoc, mozdev:HTTP, LinuxGuruz: Apache, CGI, PHP, HTML, MySQL # Javascript, JQuery, Java,
  4. TutorialRepublic: Learn How to Make a Website: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, jQuery
  5. very short HTML introduction, Linux/Debian: install selfhtml, HTML5 Video Tutorial (de/en, +Javascript)
  6. two and three column layouts, Aslett-Clearing-Method,, (forum)
  7. Linode Guides: Security/SSL certs: certbot, web & email servers, databases, kubernetes, more
  8. automatic SSL certificate retrieval (Aut. Cert. Mngm. Environ., for use with web servers)
  9. Microdata: semantic schema markup for HTML pages, intro
  1. matomo Webstat (Javascript) - avoid the Google data kraken, webstat bash (Apache logs, small sites only)
  2. seobility, sistrix: check your website for fallacies concerning SEO (search engine optimization)
  3. websquash srch. eng. submission, submitx se submission, ew submission (with ad-emails) - only submit one at most every two weeks; otherwise that may punish your site
  4. whole-search global SE ranking,, com/,
  5. Triberr - blog automation, Blog Platforms & Indices📎
  6. CopyBlogger - hints for writers
  7. SimilarWeb: top websites, Webscore: Moz-Score, SEOmastering: 'real' pagerank,


Find a Professional

  1. find a designer: on Dribble
  2. find a photographer: FlyToGrapher,, Pixolum (de), FindAPhotographer (USA), LocalGrapher (world)
  3. find professionals: Fiverr, Bark, translation:, general: CompanySpotter

Sw., Offers, Docs and Courses at Pay

  1. courses: skillshare (web-dev), udemy, 21draw, domestika,,
  2. image & video software: TopazLabs: AI upscale & denoise
  3. e-Commerce: SquareSpace, SalesForce
  4. content creation/fast reading: FlipSnack: pdf → animated leaflet, generate designs for presentations, shorten English text AI, content auto-generation, 25 langs: you need to proof-read, may be crap

Webhoster, VPS & DNS registrars + links&docs

  1. UberSpace web hosting – manual, lab, dashboard, webmail: ssh, command line config (English, German), you can run own services like a Jabber server
  2. NetCupwiki, control panel, webmail VPS (Virtual Private Server), Webhosting, ssh, Domains (English, German)
  3. dotplex webhosting – FAQ(en/de), control panel, webmail: ssh, on request with DANE (German site)
  4. simple, popular paid hosting alternatives: AlfaHosting (de), HostEurope (de, en), Dogado (de), Ionos (many languages, cheap)
  5. de: Angebote vergleichen // email o.t.cons.: Mutt Online Docs📨
  6. free hosting: (English)
  7. free and professional hosting: (German)
  8. network23: free WordPress blogs for activists and agitators
  9. popular VPS: NetCup, Hetzner, Contabo, BuyVM, DigitalOcean, VPSroom (mgr),, QHoster (virtual private servers)
  10. VPS🡂cloud computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure (Microsoft), Google, DigitalOcean, OpenStack, sw: Kubernetes, Pulumi, Terraform
  11. content delivery networks: What is a CDN?, CDNOverview, CDNFinder, Limelight, Akamai, Level 3, StackPath/MaxCDN, ChinaCache
  12. crossref: Online Storage🛠, set up your own cloud: OpenStack
  13. webhosting, VPS, domains (en, de)
  14. domain registration: INWX: free open API, status, help, DNSSEC / webmail (English, Spanish, German), webhosting:
  15. English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese
domains: Only use accredited registrars; some spam sites steal your domain name and sell it back to you at a high price

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