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Mathematics, Nature & Formal Sciences🧪


  1. - scientific article search
  2. BASE | Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
  3. Semantic Scholar: AI-powered research tool for scientific literature
  4. OpenKnowledgeMaps - create a knowledge map on a specific science topic
  5. - find open access books and resources
  6. 34 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books
  7. DOAJ: directory of open access journals and articles
  8. WorldOfScience: scientific meta search engine, different languages
  9. search in open dataset of research information, EU funded
  10. search in 60 databases, U.S. federal science
  11. Leibniz information centre for science (en/de)
  12. ask authors for article: ResearchGate, shadow services: Sci-Hub, LibGen

Resources, Online Calculators, Misc

  1. Periodic Table: the chemical elements
  2. WolframAlpha: find formulae by text search
  3. Online Calculator - math, finance, chemistry, measure conversion, etc.
  4. RapidTables: basic math, electronic components
  5. Human Cell Atlas, HuBMAP
  6. WALS - World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)
  7. 23degrees (de), free statistics, Statista, DataVisualization, Quadrigram,
    LimeSurvey, FreeOnlineSurveys, InfoGram (de, fr, es, pt)
  8. Greek Alphabet // kiddle/kpedia: science lexicon for kids
  9. ask a question: StackXchg forums
  10. TI Calculators:, some more TI-82 progs

Blogs, Docs & Websites

  1. Deutsch, M. lernen:, matheguru,,
  2., math formulae:
  3. Eric Weisstein´s World of Science: mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biographies
  4. - physics // - physics
  5. de/en: openHPI, openlearning.MIT: das Hasso-Plattner-Institut über/about Quantenalgorithmen, Baysian data analysis, programming, etc.
  6. de:
  7. - math & computer science courses, 7-day trial
  8. PQCrypto: Post-quantum cryptography +Conferences & +Workshops
  9. the ABC of nuclear science - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  10. Organic Chemistry Help
  11. WiredChemist: Instructional
  12. IAPWS: Int. Assoc. on Properties of Water and Steam, technical guides
  13. Random Thoughts and Fancy Math
  14. medicine: doccheck,

News, Reading & Images

  1. Quantamagazine - physics, mathematics, biology, computer science
  2. all disciplines: Scientific American,,
  3. popular science:
  4. National Geographic
  5. nature
  6. - physics news
  7. ScienceDaily - latest research news
  8. physics central
  9. NASA: visible earth
  10. NASA astronomy picture of the day archive
  11. crossref: News in English - Science & Technology🗞

Journals, Conferences, Organizations

  1. Chemistry Conferences, org-links // Post Quantum Crypto
  2. ELifeSciences - Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology, Medicine, Neuroscience, etc.
  3. Science: journals (mostly free)
  4. Degruyter - open access journale
  5. ScienceDirect - physical, life, health & social sciences
  6. MDPI - open access journal publisher
  7. - make your publications visible
  8. PLOS Public Library of Science - open access publisher
  9. Optica Publishing Group, Optica (formerly OSA)
  10. APS Physical Review Journals (published by the American Physics Society)
  11. CCSE: Journals (Canadian Center Sci. & Edu.), Asian Journal of Chemistry
  12. F1000Research: open access publishing platform
  13. bioRxiv - the preprint server for biology
  14. - not peer reviewed: open access archive for physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics
  15. WiredChemist: Links: journals, opportunities, instructional, databases
  16. ALPO: Association of Lunar & Planetary Observations
  17. publ. by uni.: TU Eindhoven, add yours here

Free Journals & Conferences on Artificial Intelligence

  1. JAIR - Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  2. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (Cambridge)
  3. AAAI Conference & Magazine: AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  4. ECAI: European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  5. IJCAI (get login, descr.): International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence


  1. open source/GPL: GNU Octave
  2. oss/GPL: Sagemath
  3. Maple (free trial)
  4. MathLab (need to register with email)
  5. Mathematica (at cost)

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