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News, Politics

  1. British: BBC, Sky News, American: CNN, CBS News
  2. Guardian (British, with own climate and environmental reporting)
  3. (30 languages): World News, from Germany
  4. New York Times, Washington Post
  5. The New Yorker
  6. The Atlantic
  7. Huffington Post: US & world news
  8. Washington Times
  9. Politico: politics, policy, political news
  10. ForeignAffairs: serious discussion of American foreign policy and global affairs
  11. The Intercept - fearless, adversarial journalism
  12. Times Magazine - global news site
  13. Time - US and world news

International News

  1. Associated Press News: USA + World
  2. Euronews: World, Continental Europe
  3. Reuters - international news agency, Thomson Corporation of Canada
  4. Americas Quarterly - news about Latin America
  5. Voice of America (40 languages) - news from different regions of the world
  6. ForeignPolicy: FP Group, USA - view on the world
  7. ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  8. The Walrus, NationalPost - Canadian news sites
  9. BlΓ€tter - monthly journal of German and international politics
  10. Baltic News Network (Europe, the Baltic States)
  11. Al Jazeera, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Herald, Dawn (Pakistani),
  12. Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, J.A.:de, // Iran International, Tehran Times
  13. Cambodia, Bangkok Post: Thailand, Hindustan Times, TribuneIndia, IndianStar
  14. Philstar: news from the Philippines
  15. PaperTrailMedia - investigative journalistΒ΄s news site
  16. UbuntuUsers: internet radio from around the world (see also: VLC)

Newspapers, mainly US

  1. Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, nola (New Orleans)
  2. FiveThirtyEight - USA: politics & news; also: sports, science
  3. Vox - general interest news site
  4. The Hill - covering congress, politics, political campaigns
  5. - politics, economy, global news, climate, science, technology
  6. USA-Today, StarTribune, The Boston Globe,
  7. TodayΒ΄s Paper (Long Island, NYC), New York Post
  8. NPR - news, analysis, music, arts & podcasts
  9. NBC News: the 'peacock' news
  10. ProPublica - news
  11. Sarasota Herald Tribune (Sarasota from Florida), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  12. The Gazette, US-News, NewsMax - USA: politics & news; also: health, finance

British Newspapers

  1. The Observer, The Guardian, DailyMail, i-news, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Times (at pay only)


Economy, Business πŸ’΅

  1. The Economist (registration may be required for reading)
  2. CNBC (with the peacock emblem)
  3. Investing (multiple languages)
  4. Fortune: daily & business news # Finews: financial news
  5. Bloomberg (one free article), The Wall Street Journal (at pay)
  6. Harvard Business Review
  7. Quartz - global business news and insights
  8. CompaniesMarketCap - capitalization, revenue, etc. of the biggest companies
  9. Forbes, Forbes Lists
  10. FC: FastCompany - business news, technology, work life and design
  11. Financial Times - UK, only at pay
  12. - legal news, ranking, reports
  13. blog links/search for trade/investment: Dig Deeper
  14. crossref: German: Wirtschaft

Science & TechnologyπŸ§ͺπŸš€

  1. Popular Science: science, news, interesting facts
  2. Wired: technology & science
  3. science, technology & space
  4. National Geographic
  5. Scientific American
  6. MIT Technology Review
  8. Futurism
  9. crossref: Mathematics & Nature Science - News, Reading & ImagesπŸ§ͺ

Journals, Lifestyle, Books, Products & Health

  1. Vice (en,de,fr,es,it,zh,nl&more) - original reports and documentaries
  2. ShondaLand
  3. Vogue: fashion, trends, beauty and people
  4. Esquire - entertainment, lifestyle, news & politics
  5. Litarary Hub,
  6. Engadget - product reviews/technology
  7. The Verge - technology, science, art, and culture
  8. MakeTechEasier - hints, fixes and howtos for your tech (computer, smart phone, etc.)
  9. (de,fr,es,it,pl) German-French TV-channel (culture, news)
  10. healthy living
  11. netDoctor - health advice, nutrition tips
  12. Kaiser Health News
  13. Scribd, Yumpu (select lang.) - directory of current journals, magazines and books; login required, reading against payment
  14. more: thecut, melmagazine, taskandpurpose (military)
  15. crossref: German page


Home & Living🏠

  1. Architectural Digest, us (AD: de, fr, es, it, mx, cn, in) - architecture, design, style
  2. Architecture and Design
  3. L'Architecture D'Aujourd'Hui, orig: fr
  4. Domus, orig: it
  5. Gestalten: architecture, interior, design, fashion, food, travel, art
  6. Domino: home & living
  7. Houzz Ideabooks: plan & build your home
  8. Modenus: home, art & design
  9. AArchitecture (may be unavail)
  10. POCityF - EU funded smart city project
  11. cross reference: links deπŸ—ž, buy/shop home/livingπŸ›’

Sports, Fun & Entertainment⚽πŸŽ₯

  1. IMDb - ratings, reviews and where to watch the best movies
  2. Variety - entertainment news, film reviews, awards, film festivals, etc.
  3. The Hollywood Reporter
  4. SkySports (UK), Grandstand Sports (USA), (motor s. holidays↑)
  5. Inverse - entertainment, gaming, news, science advances & innovation
  6. The Richest, Insider, Honey Celebrity: entertainment news, gossip and photos
  7. MySpace - featured content & social network
  8. games, entertainment, sport, music (live streaming service)
  9. PC Gamer, GamingOnPhone, IGN (loc), TheGamer
  10. UPI - fun news, 9gag - lark, DailyStar, LaughFactory, JokeOfTheDay
  11. (registered users only): different blogs, images by different people
  12. cross references: de - sports & fun page⚽, Social Networks🐦, BlogsπŸ“Ž

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