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official & inofficial reference docs

  1., python: pypi,, perl:cpan, nodejs: npmjs, Linux: install python-doc
  2., Java 8 API reference
  3. Qt6 documentation (GUI programming for Linux, runs also under Windows)
  4. gtk4, glib, cairo (glib + GUI programming for Linux, shall run under Windows too)
  5. official C++ reference, C++/tutorialspoint
  6. - with GNU C specific features / alternative sometimes even faster OSS C[++] compiler: clang, and OpenWatcom (see under material)
  7. man pages & more,, Linux/BSD: man command, evtl.: info
  8. OpenSSL docs including openssl man pages
  9. GNU Make, same in German, Español, Français, Português
  10. tutorialrepublic: SQL reference, PHP manual
  11. API docs from Git, Haskell, Tensorflow up to Qt, GCC, Bash, LaTeX, PHP and Node.js

question forums, IRC & pastebins

  1. StackOverflow
  2. StackExchange
  3. IRC: channel search for, (OSS & Linux help), IRC chat (#qemu etc., #debian)
  4. (open source), for curl-cmd, for nc & command line
  5. IRC: ##C++-basic, ##C++-general

news & info for developers

  1. DZone
  2. see more under articles & blogs on our OSS-site

Python & SQL

  1. Python Basics (the most important in 10 minutes)
  2. Princeton Python Intro
  4. Python, SQL

handy howtos

  1. A modest STL tutorial, C++ intro from Jak Kirman — C++ Standard Template Library, the base library for C++
  2. Introduction to C Programming by Marshall Brain
  3. Bash programming intro, Linux command line: text, handy sed intro - sed 's#foto#photo#g', man comm, etc.
  4. practical 5 minute intro to GNU make with three URLs to read on
  5. resources and references for x86 assembly with GCC Inline Assembly Howto, in Wayback Machine: x86_64 ABI
  6. RISC-V is coming, on Wikipedia, RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (Debian, Qemu, Fedora, Ubuntu/Server)
  7. RISC-V discussion at FSFE (de): britischer ARM-Hersteller von NVIDIA übernommen
  8. Kernel Hacker’s Guide to Git (5 minute guide from, Understanding Git Conceptually
  9. UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ for Unix/Linux (learn utf-8 encoding in 5 minutes)
  10. IBM: Get started with deep learning

m4 (not because it is so important but caus it is hard to find)

  1. Notes on the M4 Macro Language, Michael Breen (best intro & reference)
  2. LinuxJournal: The m4 Macro Package, very short - read this for casual use like cpp
  3. Using m4 Macros in Your Programs
  4. The M4 Macro Processor Kerningham & Ritchie
  5. Exploiting the m4 Macro Language,

material & books

  1. LearnXinYminutes 5 minute intros + continuative material to read on
  2. see Tutorials → Languages/ Algorithms, Perl, Python, C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, PHP, HTML/CSS/etc, Design Patterns, Machine Learning, …
  3. wide range of programming resources from Cairo to Kotlin, AWK–Z
  4. Java, Databases (Oracle etc.), XML, Javascript & JQuery, C#, C++, VB
  5. online book: GNU Make: Richard M. Stallman, Roland McGarth, Paul D. Smith
  6. Kernel Hacking Guides // Training Guides: Kernel Development // Kernel User+Admin Guide
  7. OpenWatcom OSS C/C++ compiler for Linux, OS/2, Windows and more OSes - see for Developer: Intel Developers Guides and more technical documentation, OpenWatcom on github
  8. tip: Robert Love: Linux Systems Programming, + Kernel
  9. tip: German book: Matthias Warkus: Das GTK+/GNOME Entwicklerhandbuch
  10. tip: German book: Stefan Kuhlins, Martin Schader: Die C++ Standardbibliothek
  11. tip: High Performance MySQL: Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev, Vadim Tkachenko

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